The AGM will begin with a talk by architect Peter Rogan 'Projects at St Wulfram's Church'

and an update on the conservation of the Georgian monuments by a member of the conservation team.





Another year of enjoyable events  The outings to Brant Broughton, Carlton Scroop and Caythorpe were, as usual, followed by good lunches;  each was memorable and greatly enjoyed.   Our two Heritage Lectures were interesting and that given by Penny and James Herdman was followed by a thoroughly enjoyable visit to Grantham House and Gardens.


Food plays an important part in our social events and the St. George's Day Lunch (memorable for the two fire alarms) and the thriving Lunch Club continues this tradition.


John Manterfield described the committee's proposals for expenditure (see below).  Also, the family of the late Olga Read have agreed that the £582 for stonework repairs can be used for repairs to the south spirelet.



The support of our members and committee is essential to The Friends' existence and I am grateful for their help. Sue Redmile and Graham Cook  are retiring from the committee this year: both are standing for re-election and I am very thankful for their help and for that of our co-opted members.

Jean Parker.

Proposals for spending:

Conservation of seven Georgian monuments at risk

The Friends commissioned a report by Dr David Carrington of Skillington's Workshops on the condition and conservation of the seven Georgian monuments identified as at risk.  The lowest tender for a phased programme of conservation works to the seven monuments (together with three adjacent tablets) amounts to £35,039 plus VAT which can be reclaimed.  The PCC has pledged up to £2,500 and Grantham Civic Society has agreed £1,000.  Three other bids have been made to other charitable bodies totalling £10,000.  A bid will also be made to ChurchCare for up to £17,500. The Committee of the Friends is recommending the AGM to approve a donation of £2,500.    AGREED

Green Altar Frontal and Super-frontal

Conservation work is needed on the green frontal and super-frontal which is the one seen for the majority of the liturgical year. The Landi Workshop at Burghley House has estimated the cost at £4,635. Contributions agreed from the Charles Clarke Fund and the Elizabeth Hoare Trust leave a balance of £985 for which an application has been made to ChurchCare. The Committee of the Friends has agreed that the AGM be recommended to agree expenditure of up to that amount towards any shortfall. The Committee has also agreed to donate £480 for repairs of the Choir of Angels frontal. AGREED

Urgent repairs to the Spirelet on the south side of the church adjacent to the Lady Chapel.

In the 2017 Quinquennial survey, Architect Peter Rogan commented about cracks in the masonry of this spirelet and has since advised  that the cracks have got perceptibly worse. The PCC applied for an interim faculty for emergency works which was granted by the Chancellor in July and the emergency works were completed.  An initial estimate for the full repairs is c£51,000 plus VAT.

The Friends AGM in 2014 agreed that £5,000 be allocated towards the repair of stone work around the South Porch but these repairs have now been deferred. Accordingly the Committee now recommends that the £5,000 be re-allocated to the repair of the Spirelet.   AGREED

Dr John Manterfield.