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Yet another year of enjoyable events, in particular the Summer Soiree so generously hosted by Caryll and Geoff Braunton when we enjoyed good company, good musical entertainment and good food in a beautiful setting with perfect weather!  The Heritage Lectures have maintained a very high standard and have been well supported: we are grateful to our speakers for such well researched lectures.    An innovation, introduced in January, is the Friends' lunch club: this is proving popular and successful.


Of the projects already approved, we have completed the enlargement of cupboards in the St. Michael chapel for lighting controls, reduced the "creeping" by the high altar carpet (without stair rods!) and provided cushions for the clergy chairs in front of the screen.

We had expected the thorough examination of the seven monuments to be completed and report received in time for discussion at the AGM: unfortunately there has been a delay.

Graham Cook's investigation of the damaged stonework of the South Porch has failed to identify why the deterioration is taking place and has been handed over to the Church's new architect for further investigation; however we hope that the repainting and regilding of the gates will be complete before the AGM.

Several projects previously approved remain to be completed i.e. updating of panels in the Visitor Centre and further work on our website -


The support of our members and committee is essential to The Friends' existence. This year particular thanks are again due to Caryll and Geoff Braunton, Graham Cook for help with printing, our speakers and our committee. Brian Buttery and Jill Speechley are retiring from the committee - we are grateful to them both.




Just before Christmas 2010 The Friends of St. Wulfram's provided new lighting in the nave and chancel of our magnificent Church, with notable benefits:

>  Ample, more even, illumination for
congregations and concert audiences
>  Modern, efficient lamps with longer life
>  Computerised system with easy control
enabling special settings for particular occasions
>  Dramatic highlighting of important features
>  Lower running costs

Prior to this, the church had been poorly lit, with stained glass in most windows and lacking clerestory windows.    Having received two bequests, The Friends were able to make a huge difference to the church - at a cost of over £50,000.

The PCC has launched an appeal for funds to install similar excellent lighting in the aisles and chapels.



Work in progress. Photo © Derek Jackson

About The Friends:

  • founded in 1952
  • our main aim is the preservation and beautification of St. Wulfram's Church
  • open to all who love this magnificent building, whatever their creed
  • we have a programme of events, social and fundraising as well as lectures
  • at our annual meeting each October members decide how our funds should be spent.
  • We are a registered charity no. 1066896
  • We obtained a grant of £25,000 from the Local Heritage Initiative; with this we have installed a touchscreen in the visitor centre, and created this website with the help of numerous volunteers
  • also a grant of £5000 from Nationwide, providing an audiotour of the church for visitors
  • We publish postcards of the church, notecards and notelets; also guides to the Trigge Library, the Hatchments & Royal Arms and the Reredos.
  • Each year we publish a Christmas card.

Recent achievements:

  • the gilding of the text round the base of the nave roof, and the liming of the angels.
  • the forming of the visitor centre in the north porch including displays (with the help of grants from WREN and Welland Partnership), and royal arms
  • conservation of textiles: the red Kempe altar frontal, blue Lady chapel frontal and the "choir of angels" frontal, green and gold chasuble
  • cleaning and repair of Bishop Wand's crozier and the sanctuary lamp
  • uplighting of angels in the roof of the Lady Chapel
  • lighting of the tower vault
  • 3 series of winter lectures about aspects of the church building and its history
  • new lighting system for the nave and chancel


If you would like more information,or wish to join The Friends
(minimum subscription is only £6 p.a.)

please contact
the Hon. Secretary, 93 Manthorpe Road, Grantham, NG31 8DE

Tel. 01476 562204