St Wulfram

Who was St. Wulfram?

Born around the middle of the 7th century near Fontainbleau
Wulfram's father was a soldier at the court of King Dagobert
Wulfram became a priest and in 693 became Archbishop of Sens.
In 700 Wulfram went to Friesland as a missionary. The Frisians' practices included sacrificing children by hanging or drowning.
He converted them to Christianity.

Wulfram died in 720 (some say 703) at the Abbey of Fontanelle.
The large abbey at Abbeville is dedicated to St. Wulfram.
In England two churches - our own and that at Ovingdean - are dedicated to St. Wulfram.
The Domesday Book shows a church of St. Wulfram existing in Grantham in 1086. (see timeline)
In medieval times, pilgrims came to venerate his forearm, in the crypt and then in the upper room of the north porch

We celebrate our patronal festival on 15th October.


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    Inside the font cover with Edward the Confessor and St. Hugh of Lincol
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    On the lectern
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    Our St. Wulfram banner, also showing images from his life